“Caleb’s Hunt for Tips”

Fired Up Outdoors pro staff member Caleb Swickey is after and big mature buck he nicknamed Tips! Caleb stayed off the property until the time was right and conditions were absolutely perfect!

“The Birds of Fall”

Fall is not just for deer hunting. Huge numbers of turkeys form huge flocks in the fall and the seasons run right along deer season in many states. What a better way to put a bird on the table for Thanksgiving than by harvesting him yourself. A good Oklahoma Rio and Wyoming Merriam fall victim to well placed arrows this week on Fired Up Outdoors!

“Wyoming Antelope”

Please join Fired Up Outdoors Pro Staff member Daniel Peak as he takes advantage of some early season archery antelope hunting in NE Wyoming. Daniel shows how to get it done from a well placed ground blind and then goes after a great goat on a spot and stalk hunt as well.

“Three Little Pigs”

Join the Fired Up Outdoors staff in Oklahoma for three exciting wild hog hunts! Wild hogs are quickly becoming a popular animal to pursue in Oklahoma and other parts of the country. Join the excitement as Daniel Peak and Brazil Jassman take their first hogs ever and Chris Walls targets hogs in the fresh snow!

“Open and Close”

Join Brian Magee of Fired Up Outdoors on opening day of the spring turkey season in Oklahoma. Brian is able to harvest a great gobbler mid day while hunting out of a ground blind. The Brian jumps behind the camera and films his dad on the last day of the season in western Oklahoma!

“Two Seasons”

Join the Fired Up Outdoors staff as we pursue pronghorn antelope in Wyoming. Chris Walls is after a great speed goat he nicknamed Curly Cue with archery equipment. Wyoming staff member Nate Cina takes advantage of the October rifle season and harvests his buck on public ground. Thanks for watching Fired Up Outdoors!

“Relay for Antelope”

Daniel Peak and Nate Cina work hard every year to raise money for the Relay For Life charity. Join us on two exciting antelope hunts in Wyoming. First we kick things off with Nate Cina hunting in September with archery equipment. The we join Jakob Barber, the Relay For Life auction hunt winner on his exciting hunt with a rifle.

“Wheat Fields and Rivers”

Fired Up Outdoors Pro Staffer Justin Howard starts things off in Oklahoma during the opening day of the 2012 spring turkey season. Justin battles the fog which ended up working in their favor after a late start to the morning. Then Justin heads several thousand miles to the northwest and hooks up with a couple of friends for a week of salmon fishing. Interior Alaska in July is home to some great King Salmon fishing and Justin found them!

“Something to Watch”

Join Fired Up Outdoors staff member Daniel Peak on a spring black bear hunt at Timberlost Outfitters in Saskatchewan Canada. Then we move to SW Oklahoma with Brian Magee and Chris Walls on a spring bass fishing trip on Lake Lawtonka!

“Spring Fling”

Join Fired Up Outdoors Pro-Staff member Caleb Swickey on a hunt in central Oklahoma for Rio Grande Gobblers. Then we head to North East Wyoming and join staff member Nate Cina bowfishing on Keyhole reservoir for big grass carp. Enjoy this episode and look for us on Facebook and Twitter!

“Pass It On”

This one is all about the youth hunters! Join Brazil in wester Oklahoma on her very first hunt ever as she tries to harvest a big Rio Grande gobbler. Then we will move to north central Oklahoma as we join 10 year old Cody in a ground blind during the Oklahoma youth season!

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