“Lake Texoma Bowfishing”

Bowfishing is one of the most addictive outdoor activities we have found! It is fast paced, fun for all ages and a great way to introduce somebody new to archery and the outdoors! Aaron Haddock of Nocternal Adventures is the MAN when it comes to bowfishing Lake Texoma! Whether it is a day trip for trophy alligator gar or a night trip for carp and buffalo, Nocternal Adventures is the way to go!

“First Day Muley”


Staff member Chris Walls put in for Wyoming mule deer early in the year. Little did he know that on that September day, it would only take him one day to fill his Wyoming tag on a great Muley buck. This is spot and stalk hunting at its best! 2 camera angles show you exactly how this hunt unfolded.

“Eye Level”

Bowhunting from a ground blind can add an entire new dimension to your bowhunting arsenal. Join staff member Brian Magee as he utilizes a pop-up blind in wide open country to do some doe management on one of their favorite properties!

“Our First Antelope”

Join staff members Robert McGuire and Curt Garrison as they make the 1000 mile trip to Wyoming in search of their first antelope. They chose to hunt out of ground blinds overlooking waterholes. First time antelope hunters with archery equipment in hand, you don’t want to miss this!


Staff members Brian Magee and Robert Mcguire hunt Oklahoma in search of whitetail deer. Brian is in the western part of the state on doe patrol with archery equipment. Robert is hunting a small property just outside Oklahoma City and harvests his very first buck ever using a rifle.

“Proud Moment”

Fired Up Outdoors’ staff member Daniel Peak has one of his most memorable days in the field. Daniel takes his young son Gracin to the antelope blind with him. Gracin is just watching dad on this trip and Daniel is proud to teach him every step of the way. Join Daniel for his “Proud Moment”!

“Plains Games”

Fired Up Outdoors is in NE Wyoming for a spot and stalk archery hunt for antelope. Brian Magee makes his first ever attempt at arrowing a speed goat. Then the staff hunts Oklahoma and Wyoming and helps out our property owners by thinning out some of the prairie dogs on the properties!

” The Next Generation “

As hunters and lovers of the outdoors, we know the importance of getting new hunters, especially youth hunters involved in the outdoors. This week on Fired Up Outdoors, it is all about youth hunters. We have two hunters and 3 exciting hunts from the Sooner state.


Staff member Brian Magee hunts SW Oklahoma at the Lazy S Ranch. Brian had located a mature buck that he nicknamed “Kickback” due to the unique G2 the buck had. Several other really nick bucks prove tempting but Brian stays focused on the 6.5 year old buck he targeted. Join us in SW Oklahoma as the hunt for “Kickback” unfolds!


The Fired Up Outdoors cameras tag along with the Paralyzed Veterans of America for their annual muzzleloader hunt in NE Oklahoma. These men and women that have served our wonderful country are the reason us as hunters can get out and enjoy the woods each and every day. We wanted to show our APPRECIATION with a video of their hunt.

” A Different Time and Place”

Join Brian Magee and Chris Walls for two exciting bowhunts in the state of Oklahoma. Brian kicks things off with some early season doe management in the SW part of the state. Chris follows him up with a November rut hunt in the NW corner of the state. Archery equipment in hand, two very different times of the year and two very different parts of the state!

“Emotional Roller Coaster”

Join Fired Up Outdoors staff member Chris Walls in SW Oklahoma as he experiences the roller-coaster of highs and lows that are bow hunting. Make shift ground blinds and up close action is what it is all about this week on Fired Up Outdoors!

“Private Ranch or Public Ground”

Spot and stalk hunting is some of the most exciting hunting around. Join the Fired Up Outdoors staff in NE Wyoming on two spot and stalk hunts for antelope. Chris Walls goes after a special antelope he named Curly Q on private land with archery equipment. Nate Cina chooses to show that public land can be great hunting as well and picks up the rifle to get the job done.

“A Magic Summer”

The summer temperatures can get down right hot. Is there a better way to spend the summer than on your favorite fishing hole? Grab the Magic Bait and your fishing rod, let’s make it a Magic Summer!

“Breaking The Curse”

Join Pro Staff member Daniel Peak in NE Wyoming for some exciting Merriam turkey hunting in the shadow of Devil’s Tower. Daniel teams up with our good friend Rusty Bell from Rusty’s Taxidermy as he tries to break a curse that was placed on him early in the season. The birds are Fired Up and the decoy action is exciting!

“A Trio of Antelope”

The Fired Up Outdoors staff loves hunting Wyoming. The habitat is diverse and the game is plentiful.  Join us for three exciting antelope hunts from the NE part of Wyoming!


Join Fired Up Outdoors pro staff member Curt Garrison and his brother “Pete” in central Oklahoma as they go after Rio Grand Turkeys. The brothers hunt the same piece of property just over a week apart and harvest giant birds that could very well have been brothers themselves.

“The Cure For Cabin Fever”

Do you get cabin fever in the spring? It is the perfect time of year to get in the woods and on the water. Here are a few solutions to cabin fever that the Fired Up Outdoors crew has come up with. Join staff member Daniel Peak in Saskatchewan Canada as he chases black bear with a bow. Then Nate Cina hits up his favorite bowfishing location in NE Wyoming.

“Oklahoma Paddlefish”

Spring time in Oklahoma means and end to cabin fever. Tag along as the Fired Up Outdoors crew sets out to catch some giant paddlefish in a little boat.

“Stretch A String”

Join Fired Up Outdoors in east Texas in search of wild hogs. East Texas is absolutely loaded with hogs and the Tarrant Ranch and Stretch A String Outfitters is no exception. With bows in hand, we take to the woods just outside of Jacksonville Texas. Thank you for watching Fired Up Outdoors!

“Oklahoma Thunder”

Join Fired Up Outdoor on two exciting turkey hunts in the Sooner state. First time hunter Brazil Jassman hunts western Oklahoma in search of her spring gobbler. We then move just outside the Oklahoma City metro area and join Pro-Staff member Justin Howard as he uses the heavy fog to slip in on a big city gobbler!

“We Are Fired Up Outdoors”

Join Fired Up Outdoors as we make our national television debut on Hunt Channel TV. We want to share our passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors with everybody we can. There is much more to a successful trip than filling tags. Share the outdoors and pass it on at every possible opportunity! Join us this season on Fired Up Outdoors! Thank you for watching!

“Johnson 360 Presents….Fired Up Outdoors”

Please take a minute to check out the 2013 Teaser by Fired Up Outdoors. We have partnered with Johnson Treestands to bring you an exciting informative hunting and outdoors show that will begin airing nationally on Huntchannel TV in July. Fired Up Outdoors is the product of 2 Oklahoma Firefighters and a great group of dedicated staff members that share a passion and excitement for the outdoors. 

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