Pro Staff

Chris Website BassName:           Chris Walls

Hometown:   Oklahoma City, OK

Position:        Owner/Founder, Graphics

Hobbies:       Hunting, Fishing, Photography

Bio:              Chris was born in Trinidad, West Indies and moved to Oklahoma when he was three years old. Growing up he would take trips to the family farm in western Oklahoma to visit family and hunt. His mother purchased a bow for him for Christmas when he was 8 years old. She never would have guessed that 30 years later her boy would still love pulling back the bow string.  In that 30 years Chris has turned hunting into a passion for the outdoors and wildlife management. With year round food plots, game cameras, photography, videoing, supplemental feeding in the winter, and fishing tournaments, Chris is very busy with the outdoors.


  photo(1)Name:              Brian Magee

Hometown:      Edmond, Oklahoma

Position:          Owner/Founder

Hobbies:          Hunting, Fishing,Bowfishing,

Bio:                  Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Brian spent most of his life in the Oklahoma City area.  Brian achieved his life-long goal of becoming a firefighter and now is part of the Oklahoma City Fire Department.  Brian’s love for the outdoors, hunting and fishing began at a very young age thanks to a family that shared an interest in the outdoors.  He grew up with a fishing pole in hand and began hunting with his dad around the age of 6.  At the age of 14, he received his first hunting bow for Christmas and the love for bow hunting was born.  Brian has been bow hunting for over 20 years and had the privilege of harvesting many animals with a bow and arrow.  While he spends most of his time bow hunting whitetails, turkey hunting and bass fishing, Brian’s love for bowfishing is quickly becoming one of his favorite pastimes.  Brian is married to a very understanding wife, and enjoys every minute they spend together. 

photo(2)Name:               Daniel Peak

Hometown:      Gillette, Wyoming

Position:          Pro-Staff

Hobbies:          Wrestling, Hunting, Fishing

Bio:                  Daniel “Big Bear” Peak was born and raised in Gillette, Wyoming.  As long as he can remember, hunting, fishing and camping has consumed his every day life.  Daniel received his first bow at the age of 9 and has been hooked on slinging arrows ever since.  Daniel has harvested many big game animals with a bow, including 5 Pope and Young trophies.  Daniel’s favorite animals to pursue are pronghorn antelope, and Rocky Mountain elk.  Daniel has a son and a daughter that are the light of his life.  Daniel cannot wait to pass on his knowledge of hunting to his kids.  When not hunting, Daniel enjoys watching UFC, wrestling and NFL football (particularly the Dallas Cowboys).  Daniel is excited to bring his experience in Western big game hunting to FUO!



Name:               Nate Cina

Hometown:       Gillette, Wyoming

Position:           Pro-Staff

Hobbies:           Hunting, Camping, Boating

Bio:                   Nate was born and raised in Gillette, Wyoming and started hunting early in his childhood with his father.  Hate received his first gun, a .22, when he was 7 and began hunting cottontail rabbits that fall.  Nate was instantly hooked on hunting and shooting from that point on.  Nate found his second passion, football, while in high school.  Regardless of the fall sport, he always found time to get into the woods and was successful with both bow and rifle.  While attending college in South Dakota, Nate continued to play football.  there he was surrounded by some of the best whitetail hunting in the Black Hills and took advantage of every opportunity he was given.  After graduation, Nate move back to his hometown of Gillette and took a teaching position at Sage Valley Junior High.  Nate teaches, coaches 9th grade football and continues to hunt every chance he gets for whitetail, mule deer, elk and antelope.  He is excited to be a part of the Fired Up Outdoors family!

IMG_4538Name:               Robert McGuire

Hometown:       Moore, Oklahoma

Position:           Pro-Staff

Hobbies:           Hunting, Fishing, Videography

Bio:                   Robert was born and raised in the Oklahoma City area where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.  Robert’s dream of becoming a firefighter came true in March of 2011 when he became a volunteer firefighter with Oak Cliff Fire Department.  Recently Robert accepted a paid position with the town of Lindsay, Oklahoma and is now a full-time firefighter.  Robert was introduced to fishing at the age of 3 by his father and hunting at the age of 10 by his step-father.  Robert has grown up with a love for the outdoors.  Robert hopes to pass on this love to his two young daughters who started hunting and fishing before they were even able to walk.  It does not matter if he is hunting, fishing, filming or scouting, as long as he is outdoors, Robert has a smile on his face!


curtName:               Curt Garrison

Hometown:       Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Position:           Pro-Staff

Hobbies:           Living life!

Bio:                   Curt was born in Illinois and moved to Oklahoma at age 19.  For as long as he can remember, Curt has been spending time in the woods with his father hunting, fishing, trapping and camping.  Curt has been filming hunts for approximately five years and enjoys the filming aspect as much as hunting himself.  Curt gets the most enjoyment from having his children in the woods with him and watching as they grow to love the outdoors as much as he does.  Curt has been lucky enough to capture his children harvesting their first deer on video so the will have that memory for years to come.  Curt was recently married and has already been sharing the woods with his wife Wei.  Curt has a smile on his face whether he is holding the camera or his weapon of choice.  He enjoys the peace that comes with the hunt and the friends he makes along the way. 

ChrisWName:               Chris Weisberg

Hometown:       Owasso, Oklahoma

Position:           Pro-Staff

Hobbies:           Hunting, Fishing, Motorcycles

Bio:                   Chris Weisberg was born in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  Chris is married to his wife and best friend Whitney and they have two German Shepherds, which are like their children.  Chris’ passion for whitetail hunting began at the age of 8, when he started hunting with his father.  Since that time, his passion has grown into an obsession and a way of life.  Chris not only enjoys hunting whitetails but is equally enthusiastic about hunting turkey, upland and migratory birds as well.  As a member of the Pro Staff team for his local archery shop, Archery Outpost, Chris’ weapon of choice is a stick and string.  he received his first bow as a Christmas present at the age of 14.  Chris also enjoys introducing new people to the outdoors and hunting.  Chris’ future plans include expanding his hunting to include western big game and possibly a trip to Africa. 



jeremyName:               Jeremy Ellis

Hometown:       Gillette, Wyoming

Position:           Pro-Staff

Hobbies:           Hunting, Fishing, Bowfishing

Bio:                   Jeremy was born in Newcastle, Wyoming in 1973 to a family that felt being in the outdoors was the best thing for you growing up.  Hunting and fishing was introduced at a very young age and Jeremy began bowfishing at 14 years old.  Over the years Jeremy has harvested many big game animals including many trophy caliber animals.  Predator hunting is where his true passion lies.  Bear hunting has become an absolute favorite and Jeremy dreams of someday being able to hunt Brow Bears in Alaska with archery equipment.  Jeremy is also an avid angler, taking after his father who was a professional angler.  In addition, he organizes numerous bowfishing tournaments throughout the year.  Jeremy is married and has three children, all of whom share a love for the outdoors.  With the arrival of a new grandchild, Jeremy is anxiously awaiting new outdoor experiences with another generation for many years to come.  


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